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Palma Sola Botanical Park -

October 21, 2023 from 9am - 12pm

(members and 1 guest)

Address:  9800 17th Ave NW. Bradenton, FL. 34209


We are excited to be getting out again!  There should be something for everyone.  This is a membership benefit, so members can bring 1 guest.  We do need an RSVP via the invite or email.  

We will be meeting there at 8:30am at the front.  From there you are welcome to find your spot and what you want to paint, draw, photography, sculpt or enjoy.  There will be flowers, water, prairie like plants, trees, fruit, birds and much more.  You will need to bring all supplies, water and snacks that you will need.  You will be free to roam the grounds and leave when you need to.  You do not have to be there until 12pm and you can stay past 12pm if you'd like.

If you get there after 8:30am you can walk the grounds and find what you want to create or just enjoy.  

Cost - none, however they are asking for each artists that participates for a donation.  You can make that in person or place in an envelope and drop it off.  PAC will not be collecting the donations, this will be left up to the individual artists. 

website -

Any questions, contact us.

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