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Our Officers and Board of Directors are dedicated volunteers that work extremely hard
to make our group a success. They plan activities every month for members.
If you are interested in volunteering or have an idea you
would like the Officers to explore, let us know.

Board of Directors

Nancy White

Michelle Polito

Kevin Berecz

Trish Kocialski

Jo-Ann Thibault

Dianne Carney

Officers and Chair's

President - Nancy White

Vice President - Michelle Polito

Treasurer - Kevin Berecz

Interim Secretary - Trish Kocialski / Open

Event Planner Chair- Nancy White

Membership Chair - Michelle Polito

Marketing & Communications Chair - Open

Kidz Art Chair - Open

Have BOD, fundraising, grant writing, project management, event planning

or marketing experience and want to join, contact us.  

Interested in the Board of Directors?  

Fill out the application and send to

BOD form

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