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Photography Competition - Wheels

6/25/22 - 8/27/22

May - Florals

Do you have a favorite flower?  Have you painted florals in the past?  If you have, try a different medium to challenge yourself or a different style. If you haven’t done much with florals, this is your opportunity to  experiment. We’d love to have you post your work in progress and completed artwork on our Facebook page. And tag #parrishartscouncil on Instagram.  It will be fun to see what everyone creates. 

For more information, check out the Call to Artist link on our website parrishartscouncil.org.  If you have an idea for a future challenge, contact us, getinvolved@parrishartscouncil.org




Rules & Guidelines


artwork by Karen Costabile

Exhibition Rules, Dates and Guidelines for exhibiting


Photography - Wheels exhibition @ Rocky Bluff Library 

June 25th - August 27th

The Parrish Arts Council is calling all Photography artists.   We will be taking electronic submissions until June 1st.  'Wheels' is a juried show and open to the public for submissions.  

Our theme is - Wheels!  What can you think of for Wheels?  Is that a doughnut, car, airplane, Ferris wheel, fast runner or even a basketball as that is....  round like a wheel.  How creative can you get for Wheels?


Medium:  photography  

Division:  adult, youth (under 18)

Entry Fee:  Adult (18+) - $20, Junior(17 and below) - $10

Awards: a minimum of 6 entries for each category will be required before awards are given

It MUST be original work.  No workshop or class work is allowed.

Thank you to the Rocky Bluff Library for hosting the exhibit.

  1. Submissions must contain very little to no editing.  No removing or adding of subjects or items from the photograph.

  2. Submissions should be submitted in the following format for file name - artist last name, first initial, and the number of the entry (smithn001.jpg)

  3. MAX number of entries per artist is 3.  

  4. Submission application must also be emailed.

  5. Submissions should be sent via email.

  6. Submissions should be no bigger than 5MB

  7. Submit artwork to getinvolved@parrishartscouncil.org with the following information:

    • Subject : Wheels

    • Include Your name, artwork title, medium, framed size of submission(s) and email address.  

    • Photo(s) of your artwork that you are submitting for the Call to Artists.

    • Youth, must include age

  8. MAX size with frame is 24 x 36.  The number of larger sizes may be restricted depending on the number of entries with the amount of space.

  9. MIN size with frame is 8 inches x 10 inches 

  10. Hanging Artwork MUST be wired hung, in good condition and per the guidelines above.  See guidelines on prep for displaying artwork.

  11. We must receive a minimum of 6 entries in each category for awards to be given.

  12. We will be displaying both Youth and Adult categories for the exhibition.


General Dates

  1. Entry deadline June1, 2022 via sending an email with your artwork and information. 

  2. Drop of completed artwork by June 25, 2022 at the Rocky Bluff Library from 9am - 9:15am with the exhibition form attached to the back of your artwork. Use tape and attach to the wire.

  3. Accepted entries will be notified by June 8, 2022  via email.

  4. Pick up date is August 27, 2022 at the Rocky Bluff Library from 9am - 9:15am.

Guidelines for preparing to exhibit

Exhibiting Form 

Photography Competition application