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October - "Fall Colors"

November - "November"

December - "Holiday Cards"

January - "Fair Time"

February - "TBD"

March - "Green"

Upcoming......  Exhibitions

Holiday - holiday artwork

10/30/21 -1/8/22

Fair Time!

1/8/22 - 2/26/22


2/26/22 - 4/30/22

September - "20 minute artwork"

Find something simple and small to start with and what supplies you’ll need. Prepare your work space and get ready to set the timer! The 20 minute challenge is a way to to see the big picture and not worry about all the details. 


This gives you a chance to work loose and get the shapes.  Don’t worry if you can’t complete in 20 minutes , it a starting goal. The time goes quickly, and you learn as you do more.   Our 20 minute challenge is a great way to work on your skills and get feedback. All mediums and ages are invited to participate.  We’d love to have you post your work in progress and completed artwork on our Facebook page and tag #parrishartscouncil on Instagram.  Express and share your creativity.  


We’d love to have you post your in progress or completed artwork on our Facebook page and tag #parrishartscouncil on Instagram  Express and share your creativity.  You do not have to be a member to participate.  We are looking forward to see what everyone shares.  If you have an idea for a challenge, contact us, getinvolved@parrishartscouncil.org


Todd_Huron River Sunset (2).jpg


Rules & Guidelines


artwork byTodd Rogers

Exhibition Rules, Dates and Guidelines for exhibiting


"Holidays"a members exhibition @ Rocky Bluff Library 

October 30th to January 8, 2021

The Parrish Arts Council is calling all members.  This show is specifically for our membership.  

Our theme is - Holidays with an emphasis on Fall and Winter.  How can you express your holidays or a specific subject of the holiday?


Medium:  all mediums the can be hung on the wall are included.  

It MUST be original work.  No workshop or class work is allowed.

Thank you to the Rocky Bluff Library for hosting the exhibit.

  1. Submissions should be submitted in the following format for file name - artist last name, first initial, and the number of the entry (smithn001.jpg)

  2. MAX number of entries per artist is 3.  

  3. Submissions should be sent via email.

  4. Submissions should be no bigger than 5MB

  5. Submit artwork to getinvolved@parrishartscouncil.org with the following information:

    • Subject : HOLIDAYS Member Exhibition

    • Include Your name, artwork title, medium, framed size of submission(s) and email address.  

    • Photo(s) of your artwork that you are submitting for the Call to Artists.

    • Youth, must include age

  6. MAX size with frame is 24 x 36.  The number of larger sizes may be restricted depending on the number of entries with the amount of space.

  7. MIN size with frame is 8 inches x 10 inches 

  8. Hanging Artwork MUST be wired hung and in good condition.  See guidelines on prep for displaying artwork.


General Dates

  1. Entry deadline October 10th via sending an email with your artwork and information. 

  2. Drop of completed artwork by October 30th at the Rocky Bluff Library with the exhibition form attached to the back of your artwork. Use tape and attach to the wire.

  3. Accepted entries will be notified by October 10th via email.

  4. Pick up date is January 8, 2022 at the Rocky Bluff Library.

Guidelines for preparing to exhibit

Exhibiting Form