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Todd Rogers


desire and interest in the arts starting before college, Todd suppressed his right brain to follow education and a career in engineering, management and business in the automotive industry near Detroit, while his painting supplies stayed in the basement.  When he retired from “regular work” a few years ago, he was able to let the left brain relax and started using the right half and thus, a hidden artist emerged. 

Todd paints and draws.  His favorite medium is oil.  He does, however, use acrylics where the circumstances or subject may keep oils’ properties from being the best choice.  He also does charcoal and pencil drawings.

Todd has been seriously painting for the past five years.  In 2014, he and his wife moved to Parrish and he works from a studio in his home.

He paints landscapes, seascapes, still life, and portraits.  Subjects include animals, birds, people and architecture.  Although he is a Florida resident, Todd escapes the summer heat and humidity to spend time on a northern Michigan lake, so his art portrays both states and places in between.

He is happy to be constantly improving and he looks for projects that challenge his technical and compositional skills.  He is always on the lookout for subjects or scenes that will make “the perfect painting.”

Todd has had paintings displayed at several local shows and has painted in several painting events, including the recent Harrison Ranch Arts Guild charity painting event.  He is a member of the Art Center Manatee and the Parrish Arts Council.

Todd_Huron River Sunset (2)
Todd Last pick up (2)
Todd Rough Collie (2)
Todd Backyard Bluebird_Prints-1 (2)
January on Coquina

Community Spotlights

Big Earth

Thank You! to Big Earth.  We appreciate the donation of rocks to the ArtConversations!  Members will be able to paint them and may leave them somewhere in the community for others to enjoy.

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