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Nov. 20, 2021  from  10am - 5pm

Nov. 21st, 2021  from 11am - 4pm


Bradenton Area Convention Center

1 Haben Blvd,   Palmetto, FL.  34221

What is East2West Art Market?

Our juried art market supports and promotes local artists that will be selling or displaying their original artworks.  This is our 5th year having an Art Market, 3rd indoors.  The art market also brings artwork to this area by very talented artists and ART activities to the community.  You can buy local and get to know the artists instead of driving 1 hour away.  


Our booth prices are the lowest in the area for an indoor 2-day event.  Don't let the low booth prices make you think low quality, very much to the contrary.  Our booth prices are low as we don't believe in taking more than needed from the artists and we organize, plan and execute the art market all with volunteers from the Parrish Arts Council.  We also keep the booth prices low and don't charge the public from attending.  The proceeds help pay for the event, allow us to continue to grow, help in getting a physical location and bring more art to the community.  Admission is FREE.  You will only see original artwork for sale and on display.

Basic guidelines - 2 day event, must be original artwork, max of 2 artist per booth and following the submittal process.  full guidelines with the artist application

Pricing / Deadlines

Artist's Deadlines - 2021

September 30, 2021 for discounted rate                    After September 30, 2021 -

members starting at $100,                                    members starting at $125

non-members starting at $125                              non-members starting at $150

Last Day to submit application is October 31, 2021


All booths are 12 x 12

  • Fill out the artist application

  • Take three representational photo's of your artwork                                    

P.O. Box 5  Parrish, FL. 34219

  • After Acceptance send payment to -       P.O. Box 5  Parrish, FL 34219                    or      PayPal






  • Select a sponsor level

  • Complete the Sponsorship Form

  • Send payment to -

P.O. Box 5  Parrish, FL 34219   or      PayPal


sponsor brochure

Sponsor's Deadlines - August 1, 2021

This deadline is for sponsors logo's to be included in promotional material.  We will accept sponsors after this and those will be included in digital and event material.  If we can squeeze in for printed we will but no guarentee.

2021 TryArt 


You'll be able to try different types of art.

Saturday Schedule (can be changed up to the event)

11 - 12 - TBD

1 - 2 - TBD

2 - 3 - TBD

3 - 4 - TBD

Sunday Schedule (can be changed up to the event)

12 - 1 - TBD

1 - 2 - TBD

2 - 3 - TBD

2021 Participating Artists

Click on artist name to see more about them, if they have a site

Michelle Polito - potter

Steven White - photography

Sally Wooldridge - watercolors

Nancy White - colored pencil, watercolor & handmade cards

Wilma Kroese - potter

Lois Lewis - jewerler

2021 Sponsors!

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