January - "20 minute Artwork"

All mediums are invited to participate.  All ages are invited to participate.  What can you create in 20 minutes?  Doesn’t have to be 100% perfect.  The skill of doing 20 minute challenges encourages artist to try different things and to loosen up for fun.  All mediums and ages are invited to participate.  We’d love to have you post your completed artwork on our Facebook page and tag #parrishartscouncil on Instagram  Express and share your creativity.  You do not have to be a member to participate.  We are looking forward to see what everyone shares.  If you have an idea for a challenge, contact us, getinvolved@parrishartscouncil.org




February 27th - May 1st

The Parrish Arts Council will be opening this exhibition to all artist and all ages.


Our theme is "Spring".  What reminds you of Spring ...... budding flowers, melting snow, babies are just some suggestions but feel free to come with what inspires you for "Spring".


Medium:  all hangable artwork is allowed.  

It MUST be original work.  No workshop or class work is allowed.

Thank you to the Rocky Bluff Library for hosting the exhibit.

Submission & General Dates

  1. Submissions should be submitted in the following format for file name - contestant's last name, first initial, and the number of the entry (smithn001.jpg)

  2. ​Submissions should be sent via email.

  3. Submissions should be no bigger than 5MB

  4. Submit artwork to getinvolved@parrishartscouncil.org with the following information:

    • Subject : Spring - 2021

    • Your Name, artwork title, medium and framed size of submission(s)

    • Photo(s) of your artwork that you are submitting for the Call to Artists.

  5. 1​0 - 12​ pieces of artwork will be selected by a committee for the exhibition

  6. MAX size with fame is 22 x 18

  7. MIN size with frame is 8 x 10 


General Dates

  1. Deadline for entry submissions - Feb 10th

  2. Accepted entries will be notified by Feb 14th via email.

  3. Drop off date is Feb 27th at Rocky Bluff Library at 8am

  4. Pick up date is May 1st at Rocky Bluff Library at 8am

Upcoming.....  Exhibitions

Rules are the same for all, unless specified during a Call To Artist


"Monochromatic / Black & White" - 5/1- 6/26

Youth project - 6/26 - 8/28

Photography Contest "Reflections"- 8/28 - 10/31

Youth "Holiday's" project - 10/31 - 1/8/22

"Fair Time" - 1/8/22 - 2/26/22

"Transportation" - 2/26/22 - 4/30/22

Upcoming......  ART Challenges

January - 20 minute projects

February - "Hearts"

March - "Try a new /old medium"

April - "Sea Life"

May - monochromatic / black & white

June - "Wheels"

July - "Summertime"

August - "School Time"

September - 20 minute projects

October - "Fall"

November - 

December - "Holiday Cards"

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